A couple of years ago I wrote a tutorial about LSW MSW conversion to IEEE754 Float 32bit single precision

Now, I get the reverse need: starting from a given 32Bit Float calculate the LSW and MSW

This is normally made by storing the float into a %MD area (ex: %MD0) and by reading LSW at %MW0 and MSW at %MW1.

But I'm using a PLC development environment not equipped by Addressing area or Pointers: STRATON v.9.1



As knew, this is the structure of an IEEE754 32Bit Floating Point

 IEEE753 32Single Wiki

Recently, surfing the web, I found for an industrial automation software house located in Italy: Axel Software.

I had the chance to test their IEC61131-3 development environment, Logic Lab: free, powerful and lightweight

LogicLab IDE12

I tested for the version Using it I get a good surprise: it permits to develop Arduino Due and Raspberry Pi (B,B+,2,3) applications

This article describes how to get the system time fro a WAGO PLC (in my sample I used the 750-881 module) using Codesys 2.3 and SysLibRTC or SysLibTime libraries.


In this article I'll describe how to implement a Modbus RTU communication over RS485 line between Raspberry PI 2 ( Master) and a PC (Slave) using the IEC61131 Codesys IDE / runtime

In this article I'll describe how to create your own library with know-how protect feature using Codesys version 2.3. Maybe most of you already know how to do it, but recently I've been involved into this need and did not find any source that explain it pretty clearly... So here we are!