This article describes how to get the system time fro a WAGO PLC (in my sample I used the 750-881 module) using Codesys 2.3 and SysLibRTC or SysLibTime libraries.


In this article I'll describe how to create your own library with know-how protect feature using Codesys version 2.3. Maybe most of you already know how to do it, but recently I've been involved into this need and did not find any source that explain it pretty clearly... So here we are!


this article I'll test the new Wago PLC controller series PFC200, model number 750-8202 /025-002. PFC200

In this article I'll shown how to realize a tank loading sequence function.

Defining a range of 16 tank (water tank), an automation system has to load them by a random adjustable sequence. Something like:

Loading                 -->--->--->--->--->---->---->-----

Loading Sequence  --1---3---6---2---10---11---9----  (1= tank n°1 ; 3=tank n°3 ;....)

Following picture show the sample application (for screen resolution reasons I take a 8 tank system in stand of 16, half function capability)




Substantially, downloading the Codesys ISO image and installing it into the Raspberry SD card, it's possible to transform your PI into a PLC controller. And it's for free! (you can buy the "fully licensed version for 35€, anyway the demo version run fully featured for 2 hours).

So I though to realize a cheap fully working distributed architecture where:

  • Raspberry PI= PLC Controller (Codesys 3.5 SP
  • Arduino Mega 2560= 1st remote I/O
  • Arduino Uno=  2nd remote I/O
  • Modbus TCP/IP: communication protocol

CoDeSys+ Raspberry+ArduinoLogo+Banner-Modbus= (PLC + remote I/O)