Proview...It's from pretty long time I get the existence of this particular open source project created and maintained from SSAB Oxelösund .  But moreover support and contacts are managed from a smart Sweden developer named Claes (tack Claes !). Proview is a SCADA developing environment for Linux operating system including a SoftPLC. It's completely free and editable according to the GNU/GPL license. Info and details about this great project are available at its main website

I lost long days..but at the end I opted for download and install it. Just to understand what it really is, test its functionality and so on. Into this article and into the next ones I0ll dedicate to Proview (I wish I'll can give my best continuity to it..depending from my free time..) I'll tale a series of technical notes


Proview 5.0.0-1 Installation

Fist of  all download the developing packages pwr50_5.0.0-1_i386.deb

It's available for main Linux distribution (Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Open Suse) in addition to source code package. I preferred the Debian distro. I'm going to install Proview on my Dell Laptop equipped with the x86 Crunchbang Waldorf (Debian 7 Wheezy based)

During this phase I found useful the "Debian Installation Guide" (of course it's in english as all the docs). The guide refer to the old  Debian release (version 6 named Squeeze), then I taken some care to install it on new one.


  • x86 Operating Sys
  • Kernel >2.6                                  
  • libc6 >= 2.11.1-7                    
  • libgtk2.0-0 >= 2.20.1-2
  • libasound2 >= 1.0.23-2.1
  • libdb4.8>= 4.8.30-2                    --> not included #! Waldorf, download it from here
  • libdb4.9++ >= 4.8.30-2
  • libmysql++3>=3.0.9-1+b1
  • libmysqlclient16                       --> This lib is not included into installation guide but needed (#! Waldorf has v.18,  Proview requires from v.16 you can find here )

Then start the Proview installation process(to do that, Debian used Gdebi). Gdebi will check if all dependencies are satisfied in order to going on with the installation, otherwise it will prompt to solve them. If everything is ok, following pop up will appear:

Proview dependencies

 The proceed with installation


The installation process ends generating a new user "pwrp" and related brand new password

user: pwrp      password: pwrp

In order to start Proview, login with the new user. From terminal starts the Proview by typing "pwra"  ( !# do not have desktop icon. Usually Proview installation process generate its own start-up icon on Linux distro)

 Application run







Confirm by "I accept", the the main windows will show:

Startup page












Into next articles I'll begin to create new project using official user guide.  Read you soon!