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This tutorial want to be a suggestion to the Codesys and Simatic Step 7 developers: download the OSCAT library! It's a free open source community that share library for some specific PLC IDE.  Over the library itself, a pdf user manual is available. it contains all need info to use the library

I tested it and found it very good, especially in Codesys where the standard lib contains few blocks/samples and people often need to create some small routines from your own.

Very useful for example the function CLK_PRG , dedicate to generate a pulse time-based signal. The time-base is a parameter. Opposite to the Siemens CPU (series 300 and 400) that have a system byte clockon Codesys (at least in my experience..), there is no something like that. Then it'll necessary to to create a series of task, one task each pulse time clock needed
(I often use the 100 ms, 1 sec, 2.5 sec, 1min).

Of course the CLK_PRG represents one of most easy and simple function offered by fact it supply also some well-done PID regulators, scaling and conversion function and more. 

Well, at the end, in my opinion, OSCAT worth the time you can dedicate in order to learn something new, useful and FREE (so rare..)