In this article I'll describe how to run an IEC60870-5-104 server into a raspberry Pi3  (runtime Copalp Straton v9.1)

Straton for Rpi



this is the COPA-DATA France weebsite announce about it:

 CopaDataAnnounce 1

 This is the configuration I used:

  • Rpi 3
  • OS Raspbian Stretch Lite release date 2017-09-07 (Kernel 4.9)
  • IDE Straton v9.1 Build 1
  • Straton Runtime v9.1 (demo mode 15 minutes)


  •  go to straton-plc website, register, then download free IEC61131 runtime for your Raspberry
  • unzip it,connect to Rpi by SFTP



  • copy t5pi91 (T5 runtime execution file) to ./home/pi
  • in SSH: give execution rights to t5pi : cd /home/pi then chmod +x t5pi91
  • copy in /usr/local/lib
  • in SSH : sudo ldconfig
  • in SSH: execute T5 runtime sudo ./t5pi91



  • Create a new Straton project


  • Define a new fieldbus configuration with IEC60870-5-104 server configuration FieldBusConfig
  • Into "Profiles",  define n° 2 server instance IEC104 (C_Asdu=1, C_Asdu=2)
  • Each server instance contains follow data types (to be defined into "Profiles")
    • M_SP_NA (type 1) single point, no time stamp
    • M_DP_NA (type 2) double point, no time stamp
    • M_ME_NC (type 13) measured value, short floating point
    • M_SP_TB (type 30) single point CP56Time2a
    • M_DP_TB (type31) double point CP56Time2a
    • M_ME_TD (type 36) measured value, short floating point CP56Time2a
    • C_SC_NA (type 45)  single command
    • C_DC_NA (type 46)  double command
    • C_SE_NC (type 50)  set point command, short floating point
  • StratonProfile1
  • Define the connection parameters to the Raspberry pi
  • Compile (F7) then download (CTRL+F5) project
  • Test it with an IEC60870-5-104 Client (I use Siemens SIPLUS-RIC IEC test)

IEC Test

This is the result: 


You can download the source code from here